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1695/5000 Learning musical elements through singing in primary school. Teaching music through the use of the voice, concerting in a choir, is a valid method to learn musical knowledge in an active and non-compulsory way. Thus one acquires familiarity with the concepts and structures of musical language, following a precise itinerary, in which rhythm, melody, harmony and musical forms are investigated through the use of choral singing, in the primary classes of a school public, whose aim should be the abolition of musical illiteracy. Given that it is not possible to acquire a literary culture without knowing how to read and write, so it is impossible to obtain even the slightest musical culture without the ability to read and write music. The means by which to realize this project is to sing in choir, an activity that leads to an active approach to music, since the voice is the most natural and accessible tool for everyone that allows you to live the musical experience in a creative way. to develop the ear. During the activities held in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, I experienced that even pupils with behavioral problems or serious physical disabilities had shown great sensitivity and attention to the lessons they took in using their voice as a means of knowledge musical, on a par with children without any disabilities. The meaning of the project is then to set up a teaching that takes advantage of creativity, intuition, active participation of the students, all through a series of diversified activities, but aimed at the same purpose: literacy.

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Adult choir S. Maria Di Nazareth

O Croce Fedele – Mons. Marco Frisina

Jesu Rex Admirabilis – G.P. da Palestrina